Foster Your Future (FYF) is a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization, that supports Homeless Young Adults and Foster Care Young Adults aging out of the system. We are operated by volunteers and 100% of your donation benefits the young adults directly, the founders pay all administrative and fundraising costs. Foster Your Future has them secure their credentials, find a job, apply to vocational/college, settle into a place to live, provide them with food, clothing, driver’s training while also offering a support system. They can then be safe and secure enough to start making life long decisions about career choices and furthering their education. How can they find a job or register for classes when they do not have their basic credentials of SS card, Birth Cert, State I.D.? With FYF they have someone to give them guidance and call in an emergency. Without this support they end up on the street, hungry, tired and having to act like this is okay, they may steal to survive. In jail now, at least they get a place to sleep and eat. We can end this cycle.

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