Foster Your Future, Inc. is an Arizona based, Non-Profit, 501(c)3 Charitable Organization dedicated to providing support programs for homeless and aging out foster young adults that are interested in bettering their future through career and college. Foster Your Future is a Qualified Charitable Organization (QCO) with a Arizona Tax Credit of $800 Couple/$400 Individual. By providing housing, food, and support in all needed areas to access a job, career, and educational advancement, Foster Your Future provides real life hope for a better future to these young adults. 100% of your donations go directly to supporting these youth. Founders pay for all administrative costs. FYF has volunteers that work with these young adults to access basic credentials so they can find jobs, learn to drive, access grants for education and enroll in vocational training programs. Your donations go directly to supporting the young adults in housing, food, transportation, furniture, clothing, programs and other items needed to function independently.

Foster Your Future is a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization and all contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law EIN 47-3468485. Foster Your Future is a Qualified Charitable Organization (QCO) with a Arizona Tax Credit of $800 Couple/$400 Individual.


There are times when a person should be given a chance to succeed even though they have very little means or support to follow their desired vocational or educational path. Foster Your Future believes all people are individuals with great potential given the opportunity. Supporting their unique abilities and strengths is extremely important in our mission to encourage success in their growth and independence. We welcome these young adults that are willing to work for their goals with our support and encouragement.


To provide support for young adults that have agedv out of foster care that want to continue with their education or train in a vocational career as well as work. Support includes assistance with housing, helping get grants or funding for education and finding an appropriate job. This also includes supporting them in getting the credentials needed for work, providing clothing, food, training to drive and household items. The ultimate goal is to gradually transition them to supporting themselves while studying and learning a meaningful career path.

Responsibilities of Young Adult

Prior to moving into Foster Your Future housing

  • Complete an application and sign requirements and your commitment to joining Foster Your Future.
  • Identify needed credentials and submit applications necessary (SS Card, Birth Certficate, AZ Identification Card)
  • Apply for health insurance
  • Make a resume with a mentor
  • Secure a job
  • Get a phone, if needed.

Academic/Vocational activities

  • Complete career and personality inventories
  • Meet with counselor or identify coursework or vocational interests
  • Complete grant applications
  • Register for classes

Performance in Vocational/College/GED Coursework

  • Attend classes as scheduled
  • Share test scores with mentor
  • Use tutoring as needed to keep grades 70% or above
  • Mentor will have permission to speak with advisor/professors

Budget-Financial Literacy

  • Identify present incoming and outgoing funds with mentor
  • Mentor will review how interest effects purchases as needed
  • Mentor will assist with opening checking, debit and savings accounts as needed
  • Mentor has young adult develop a budget based on incoming funds
  • Develop strategies to save, identify Needs vs Wants
  • Budgeting Program continues while in Foster Your Future.

Lifetime strategies

  • Meet with mentor to discuss Short and Long term life goals
  • Identify Specific Plan of Action to implement
  • Review regularly to see where glitches or accomplishments have occurred.

Exit and Non-Qualifying Events for participating in Foster Your Future' Programs

  • Use of illegal substances and/or violence
  • Non-Compliance with mentors
  • Not working full time or in school full time or a combination of both to equal full time