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February 22, 2018
Valentine Day at the Aquarium
March 21, 2018

Jonathan went off today on a Greyhound bus to meet his “good” brother that he has not seen for over 10 years that lives in a distant state. Jonathan came into foster care when he was about eight years old.  His family consisted of a mother with heroin addiction, father in a cartel, and three older brothers.  Until he was taken into the foster care system he and his brothers managed to survive. Their parents would abandon them for weeks at a time so they learned to eat very cheaply and live in what Jonathan would call “the box.”  Jonathan and his brothers sold drugs to make money.  Once in foster care he was adopted,  acted out, went to juvenile detention and was returned to the foster system’s group home until his 21st birthday.   At 21, the group home and state no longer provide support or transition services for any foster young adults.  

Foster Your Future (FYF) then came in to assist with his transition. Since he had a high school diploma and had some experience cooking he was able to get a job as a cook at a couple places paying a little more than minimum wage.  A room was located near the position and first month and deposit were paid by FYF.  After this first month Jonathan needed to pay his own rent and utilities.   A bed, dresser, bicycle, and some work clothes were provided with supplemental food weekly by FYF.

While on Facebook he identified his mom and dad and brothers.   The mother was continuing to work on rehab goals, one brother was in prison, father and other brother barely scraping by in life while still  struggling with substance abuse.  His oldest, as Jonathan called him,  “good”  brother lives a few hours away from the rest of the family.  He works in the oil industry and invited Johnathan to learn the trade.  Jonathan’s  grandmother passed away and left a small house that the brother offered Jonathan to live in while he got settled.  

So off to  the Greyhound bus stop.  FYF provided the ticket, large suitcase,  jeans, undergarments, hygiene supplies some snacks and a little cash.  We are all hopeful that this will be a new beginning for him as he will work to be trained and certified to work on an oil rig.  It is always nice to be with your family. Keep you posted!