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Happy Valentine’s Day!!
February 16, 2018
Finding Family after 10+ years
March 2, 2018

Over a year and a half ago 20 year old Peter diligently studied to take the written driving test with a Foster Your Future (FYF) volunteer.   He answered every question quickly and with confidents when given a practice test.  Curb lengths were measured to understand what 15 feet from a fire hydrant looks like versus 20 feet from an intersection.  He was ready to take the test, pass and start practicing driving.  Nervous but happy he went in to take the test, passed his eye exam and had a picture taken.  At the final desk the  Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) worker gave us darting looks, stood up behind the bullet proof glass and went to speak with a supervisor.  More time passes, more negative looks at us and then a final blow.  Peter could not take the test, he was missing guardianship paperwork, certified physical and psychological exams.  We received the information and paperwork to begin this long one and a half year process to allow him to take the written driving test.

A FYF volunteer then escorted Peter through many meetings.  This included 3 ADOT certified physicians check ups,  all saying he was fine to drive, but recheck and recheck every 3 – 6 months.  Guardianship papers were then purchased from the Clerk of the Court.   An ADOT certified Substance Abuse Counselor was hired to do an evaluation.  This was followed by a humiliating UA.  All came out that Peter was a healthy, clean man.   During this time Peter and FYF volunteer  were also involved with 2 appeals and lawyer conferences.  All tests pointed to a young man able to take on the responsibility to drive.

We celebrate that now at  21 years old, Peter was permitted to take his written driving test. Throughout this time Peter wanted to give up, he felt downtrodden and useless.   The FYF volunteer never gave up on him.  FYF thanks all the donations of time and finances that have now opened many doors for this young man.