We are getting Thanks without it being Thanksgiving!
August 2, 2019
Fundraiser Christmas Earrings are Fun!
November 12, 2019

Dear friends of Foster Your Future a 501(c)3, Our mission is to provide support to at risk, neglected, abused and often homeless young adults that have aged out of the foster system who have few resources to guide them through the many challenges of life. They make a one-year commitment to be drug free while working or in school full time. We are proud of our success rate at over 75% becoming contributing members of society. Along with a weekly volunteer mentor, these young adults learn to budget, read a lease, drive, manage their bank account, cook, clean, explore and access educational and vocational goals. Our expenses come from assisting with rent, food, laptops, household goods and clothing. Having helped 24 at risk young adults this year so far, we need your help to continue to grow and make a difference in these young peoples’ lives. Please, if this sounds like your mission too, consider these 3 supports: 1. Go to www.FosterYourFuture.org to directly donate through a secure Pay Pal account and choose a one time or recurring contribution. 2. Sponsor a young adult directly with funding or being a volunteer. 3. Go to www.Smile.Amazon.com and choose Foster Your Future as your choice of charitable and Amazon will contribute without any cost to you 0.05% of your purchase. Randy and I thank you for taking the time to consider this. So far this year, 24 lives are made better by the support of our donors. Many thanks to just some of them: Funds from: Sundt Corporation, Dr. Kaczor, Harrington, Whatmough, Naylor, Michael, Surguine, Lemon, Roberts, Giurlanda, Northerner, and other private donors. Goods from: the VA Consignment Store, Liberal Ladies, Sonoran Lifestyle Real Estate, Parson’s Villas, Coldwell Banker, Verdes’ Community Project, The Walking Group and private donors. Many hours of volunteer time from: Kathy, Lynda, Kriss, Ashley, Julie, Jenny & Jeff, Kelly, Nathan, Sandy, Teri and newbies Dave, Marsha and Rod. Please contact Ginny directly with any questions or interest in funding, volunteering or finding out more about this program.