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Let’s add to that HS Diploma!
January 14, 2019
We are getting Thanks without it being Thanksgiving!
August 2, 2019

If you are not already doing a charity through please think about putting your Amazon orders in through Smile. and link to Foster Your Future as you charitable choice. Without any additional cost to you eligible items will donate 0.5% on eligible items. It is necessary to put in each time you order, but once you put in Foster Your Future it will automatically come up as your charitable.

We are all enjoying working with and watching these young adults grow!  The young adults are referred so they are motivated to get ahead and they appreciate the help. We support them on a weekly and monthly basis in many different ways. The most expensive is when they have a crisis and then fall short on their rent. We offer a one time a year assistance with their rent.  In Phoenix rent ranges from about 700 to 1100 per month. These young adults are usually only 18, 19,  20 or 21 years old.

100% of your donation goes directly to the young adults. This program is based on volunteers working with the young adults. Any administrative fees such as web support, accounting, and marketing are paid for by the founders. Young adults are screened and accepted through referrals, they are then required to be working full-time in school full-time or a split between the two, there is no tolerance for drug use.

I remember being 18 and having my parents help with tuition,  housing, and food while I worked part time going through college. I also had someone to talk with when I did not understand a piece of mail  I received, questions to ask a banker when opening an account, and how to fix something.  Our volunteer mentors also are available to assist with taxes, reading leases or car insurance policies.  They accompany them to appointments, opening bank accounts helping them with asking the right questions . We are supporting financial growth through a cash basis program where we encouraged them to only spend what they have earned.  Often our visit shows what a mess they have gotten themselves into and then helping them reduce those monthly high costs. Once they have an emergency fund we will add $1,000 to their $3,000 car savings to purchase their first car.  90% of them that come to us have never learned to drive, can you imagine being 21 and not sure where the brake or gas pedal is on the car? Thanks for listening!