Jonathan moving to Texas to learn a trade-reunite with family
March 21, 2018
Texas is not so far away!
September 13, 2018

This is where Foster Your Future comes in handy. Prior to this intervention, Jeff carried his cash, at the moment $1,200 in his wallet. 4 months ago his roommate’s boyfriend broke into their apartment and carried his safe off that contained $3,200. This week Jeff, 21 and Elisabeth, 23 opened their first savings account. They sincerely, believed banks were scary, untrustworthy and banks only goal was to steal their money. With FYF’s minimal research they learned that a maintained $300 deposit in a savings account in this particular bank would allow use of the account free of charge. There were not penalties for multiple withdrawals or using their ATM. FYF also pointed out the FDIC sign explaining that their money was protected up to $250,000. They were happily shocked and walked away very satisfied, as they had been scrimping to save $200 a month on their one minimum wage  household income. Although it took a lot of convincing to put this money in a more secure spot, they were now proud and confident that they could really start saving in a more secure environment than a wallet or under mattress. Now their dream of getting a car can come true!