Stolen Money, Safe Money
March 22, 2018
Interview Jitters!
October 3, 2018

We moved Mason to Texas several months ago to be with a brother that had “made it.”  Mason is doing well, working hard in the oil industry and enjoying being with his sibling.  Today we are sending him some new shoes, a blanket and some clothing.  This might seem very simple and questioned on how can this really help.  Well,  Mason can contact Foster Your Future for a chat anytime about how he is doing, if he needs some reassurance, direction or mentorship in his decisions, we are their to help him.  Mason worked with Foster Your Future when initially coming out of the foster group home to find a place to live, was provided first months rent, security deposit and set up utilities.  He then found a job and was able to pay for his rent himself after that.  He studied for the driver’s test, passed, received his driver’s license, saved some money and purchased a car.  We are hoping to have a visit with him when he returns to sunny AZ in October to spend time with his  friends.  Thanks to all your support, Mason is independent and in charge of his own life now!