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September 28, 2017
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February 16, 2018

Some of our young adults have shown great work ethics.  Work hard, pay for their rent, utilities, phone.  They are at the very minumum paying positions $10.50/hour.   Security is what they worry about, afraid to venture out to a better living, worried they may not keep the new position.  Once a person has been homeless their motiviation changes dramatically to become survivors no matter their job be minimal, with little future.

FYF pays their security deposit and first months rent to get them started.  But, unless their is some true tragedy, the young adults manage their own accounts.  FYF help weekly with providing food.   Most do not have a car and some have not passed their driving tests yet to even consider getting one.  It is difficult to carry a gallon of milk a couple miles on a bike.  It is also expensive as an on-going bill.  FYF also provides clothing, skid proof work shoes, bicycles, furniture, games…

Often a person has some cleaning up to do with their priors.  Hear again FYF transports and pays for the the Substance Abuse Counselor’s Evaluation, ADOT Certified Physician’s Physical,  meetings with their Court Appointed Lawyers.  We are the go to in crisis – once a young man had a bike tire blow out at 10 pm in a poor neighborhood, we picked him up and then purchased a bike repair kit so he would not be stuck in the future – teach a man to fish!   Another time at 2 in the morning a young man was in severe pain and transported to the hospital by FYF and FYF  volunteer  stayed  with him through his event.