August 14, 2017
We need more Vocational Options & Volunteers
February 6, 2018

We want to make sure you know that we use your financial support wisely. Today shopping was at the $.99 Store. We were able to get a bag of eight large apples, seven nectarines, a package of 5 juicy tomatoes, a large cantaloupe, a large honeydew, head of lettuce, bag of red onions, 18 count carton of eggs, sliced cheese pack, lb of hamburger, chorizo, hot dogs and lunch meat each for only, you guessed it…  $.99.  The same price goes for a box of General Mills cereal’s including Cookie Crisp, and Chex Mix. Sometimes items will be $1.99 like a 10 pound bag of potatoes, frozen chicken nuggets,  Teriyaki Chicken, and Italian Meatballs.  We purchase loaves of bread, bagels and rolls for $.25 each.  When we need spices or hygiene supplies again the “price is right” for a box of 100 assorted bandage, a dozen razors, dish soap, deodorant, for the low, low price of $.99 each.  Thanks so much for all your help, it means a lot.  This Foster’s Your Future by supporting these young adults to be independent, productive members of our society.